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Hello Support Team,

Thanks for your patience, sometimes I guess I just need a sounding board. I
am a one-man computer department here, and I'm in charge of System 36
operations and programming, investigating new systems, troubleshooting PC
problems, Internet connectivity issues, website access and maintenance, and,
last but not least, Email access and maintenance.

So there are days I may have trouble seeing the forest for the trees.

The "Control Panel" gives me all the tools I need to handle nearly all the
situations I encounter, in fact, just a few days ago, I showed a network
consultant who is working with one of our companies, the control panel for, and he was blown away!!!

He said, "That is the nicest control panel I've ever seen." And this guy is
a Windows and Linux guru also...

And in the rare instances there is actually a server problem, all it takes
is sending an Email to you guys, and within minutes you reboot the server or
whatever else it takes to get us up and running again. I've never had that
good support from any other provider, even those I could reach by telephone.

At first, I was not comfortable using Email to handle support questions, but
your system works quite well.

Thanks - - - Jim Toothaker

Dear Sirs,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction with your web hosting service. I have two web sites; your company hosts both of them. I am extremely pleased with the service I have received from your company, since I subscribed many months ago. Whenever a problem has occurred, it has been handled quickly and efficiently. The tools, plug-ins, scripts, etc that you supply for free, are not just helpful, they are indispensable. Your claim of 99.9% uptime, is not just talk, it is a reality. Your service cannot be beaten for price, convenience, or reliability. I have recommended your service to all of my friends, and I will continue to do so in the future.

Thank you

Marti Watt-Stewart


I have been extremely pleased with the service that you have provided to my clients and I. I have been designing business websites for three years, 1sthostweb would be my 1st chose for hosting. Economical, easy to use, and very reliable are what I look for in a hosting service. 1stHostWeb gets 5 stars in my book. And the personal service cant be beat, short of you flying to California and doing the work for me. I have always been able to talk with someone or received prompt response to service questions. Hats off to your support staff. Great Job. I will continue to urge my clients to leave their over priced and understaffed web hosting service and switch to 1stHostWeb.


Matthew Hills
Web Developer


I have found to be the best web hosting service. Their customer service is far better than the other hosts that I have used. The added bonus is that has all the tools I need to make and administer my web sites.

Brad Breisler
GOPWebs by SE Metro Investment

1st Host Web is hosting four of my websites,,, and It is the best move I ever made. No hosting problems, fast speed, great service, lots of options to help your website..

Bill Costas

A friend of mine who owns a small business asked me to design a web site for her. I've used several hosts before (including some "free" hosts). I have to say that this is the best hosting service I've ever used. The page serving is very fast, there has been no downtime and the tools available are excellent (all at an extremely reasonable cost). What started out to be a very basic site, intended to introduce prospective customers to her company, now includes a very active message board - thanks to your support of MySQL and PHP. Several of her clients have inquired about the web site, and I have recommended 1sthostweb to all of them.

Thanks, Mike

"Starting my own Video Scrapbook Production business on very little revenue, I needed a web hosting company that could provide me with the support and expertise I needed at an affordable cost.  With very little web page design experience, I found 1st Host Web very user friendly.  After several email correspondences regarding various web site questions, my site was successfully published.  1st Host Web enables me to have a professional quality web site with all the features I am looking for, while only paying a fraction of what the other large hosting companies charge.  I applaud 1st Host Web for their outstanding customer service and would recommend them to anyone!  Thank you again..." 

Andrew Linkenhoker

Link to the Past

Basically being a self taught computer person I have had need many times to contact 1st Host for some assistance in building my web site. They have been exceptionally helpful from either rectifying my problems or forwarding me to other companies that could help me. 1st Host's after sales service is a great benefit to both the experienced as well as the novice web builder. I have recommended 1st Host to many of my friends and will continue to do so.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Lord

I am currently the webmaster for The US Anvil - The United States American National Veterans Internet League. We are happy to announce that we a thoroughly pleased with the hosting from 1sthostweb. Our site is running smoothly and has never been down in the four months we have been online. The internet utilities it comes with are easy to use and the pop3 mail server is great. I think 1sthostweb is the best hosting around. 1sthostweb lacks in nothing when it comes to support either. Their support team has always been there when I needed answers and they attend to my requests very quickly. I would recommend 1sthostweb to anyone who is starting and e-commerce web site on a small budget. 

Daniel Cummins

1stHostWeb has been an excellent service! On the very few occasions when I have needed technical support, the staff has been prompt and courteous in their replies. Thank you 1stHostWeb for a wonderful service!
My web site address is:
Dawn Mize
Roo Designs not only is one of the "too good to be true" deals that is actually TRUE, it has some of the nicest salespeople and an awesome tech support response time.


Shelli Burt

I recommend 1st Host Web to everyone. My husband and I are web developers and have all our clients sites hosted with 1st host web. The first time we found them on the web my husband called to ask a few questions. By the end of the conversation my husband said "this all sounds to good to be true!", 1st Host responded with "IT IS!". We tried it out, and have never been disappointed.

I feel they are the best & most reasonable on the market.

Thank you,

Tania Seabock

I had two opportunities to contact 1stHostWeb by phone. 
This first was to get additional information on your web hosting services and pricing. The service rep I talked to was so friendly and helpful, I was convinced then and there that I would be using your service. After explaining the service to my husband we were both convinced that 1stHostWeb was just what we were looking for!
The second time I phoned with questions about a shopping cart. I had never set up an e-commerce site before and was unfamiliar with the different shopping carts available. The service rep I spoke with the second time listened patiently to my questions and concerns, never made me feel that my questions were too simple or that I was as uninformed as I felt that I was. His advice to use PayPal was right on the mark. 
I wanted to edit and maintain our website myself and that is exactly what 1stHostWeb offered. Access to my site is fast and your tools are great!
As you can tell, we are satisfied customers. 
Sue Wohlsdorf
Timmis Spice and Seasoning Blends

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on your service. I run a business in Australia with the internet and in particular email is a vital part of my business. I chose 1stHostWeb as my host for my domain because of the services offered and the flexibility it gave me. I have found that your up time has been reliable and constant thus supporting my business. Your response and feedback to my questions has been prompt and accurate. I am extremely satisfied with 1stHostWeb and the services offered. You have my permission to publish all or part of my comments. If I can be of any further service please let me know.


Bob Hill
Operations Manager
Esprit Chauffeured Limousines

I was so amazed with how quickly I received my domain name and my site was up and ready to be built on almost immediately after my first contact with 1st Host Web. I was astonished with all the free features 1st Host Web has to offer. From all your shopping cart tools, to a 99% uptime rate. I wouldn't go with anyone else.


Baby Shower Wisdom

1. 1st Host web is the best kept secret on the net!
2. Cpanel has you up and running in no time!
3. Service and support are always fast and friendly!

Cheers-Karen O'Lone-Hahn is an awesome hosting site. When I was setting up my first site Tom and everyone in support was so helpful and answered all my questions.
The process went so smooth I decided to tell my friends and I have added 2 more sites with them.


I just wanted to thank you for the new service we started at . We have been looking for a good place to host our web site, and due to the fact that we are a small organization, we did not have a lot to spend. Your Service is great! We really do appreciate the service, and I personally feel that it meets and will meet our needs. 

Thank you, 

Jonathan D Adams
Amanda Fire Department
Amanda Firefighter’s Chelsea Hedrick Program

I am writing this to tell you how very pleased I am with the service and range of features that have been available to me and my Baccarat domain with 1st Host Web’s unique one fee program. 

I consider the service you offer to be head and shoulders above any other similar service currently available. (I should know having thoroughly researched the competition before committing to your service.)  

Again, many thanks for a job Well Done. 

Sincere Regards,

Ben Yarbrough

I own several sites with 1hostweb and I would highly recommend them for web hosting.  They offer a friendly and professional service.  They have exceeded my expectations as a web hosting service.  I will always go through 1sthostweb!
Justin Morris


I would like to thank you again for your FANTASTIC service you offer. There are no words I can say how happy I am with Also, your one time fee of $49.95 for web hosting compared to the usual $50.00 monthly I used to pay has made me a permanent customer for many years to come.

Steven Briesemeister

You are the fairest and best there is! My small website sells temperature conversion calculators software.
I searched the internet for weeks trying to find the best web hosting site to keep my small internet business pages and files. I finally found The one time yearly price and the easy process for getting my domain name made it clearly the most inexpensive and best choice. No nagging monthly fees. No hidden costs. Plus the web server has a nice user interface and the download speeds are the fastest around! 
John Hale
Again, thanks for being there for me. I have been completely satisfied with your great service! I will definitely be signing on for another year!

I have used as my website host and found them to be very helpful, which means a lot to someone like myself that's climbing a steep learning curve. As a 55 year old retired firefighter, I did not have very much computer training. 1stHostWeb technical support was very patient with me and help me accomplish the task at hand and I would recommend 1stHostWeb as your website host because of the technical support not just because of the wonderful price.


I am totally happy with  It is the perfect solution for individuals desiring an inexpensive, easy to remember web address without annoying ads.  By purchasing this service I have received my own easy to remember domain, plenty of web space, quick response to all my questions, a web address that's rarely down, and a personal email address.  Best of all, after paying the extremely low fee, I can just forget it for a whole year (no monthly fees). I recommend it to everyone! 

Bob Blackman

I have been with 1STHostWeb for about 4 months and I cannot say enough about the support. I have had a couple of little problems and support has jumped in and solved the problems within just hours and one was on Sunday. Support like you expect it.
Wendall Bagwell


I am responsible for two web sites hosted by 1sthostweb. One is a site for a boat club that I belong to ( and the other is a site for a Volunteer Fire Department of which I am the Chief ( . Both sites were extremely quick and easy to set up, had many features including compartmentalized e-mail, FTP, security and scripting and are very fast. The site including registering the domain name, cost what many are charging for just domain names. There has not been any down time that I can recall for the 4 months that these sites have been active. I am more than pleased with the service that I am getting.

I was surprised at the ease of getting my page online.  The cost is more than reasonable and the added features are more than I will ever use. 

Jim Tresnak


1sthostweb is an excellent web host service. My sites were posted quickly, emails are very helpful and friendly, updates to my sites are instant and easy, 1sthostweb is an honest, no hassle provider. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Doug Denton

I find your company: 1stHostWeb, first rate. The one time I had a problem was late at night. You called me early the next morning, before I had a chance to call you! That, in my web experience is unprecedented.

Warm regards,
Fred Rivera
Career/Life & Public Speaking Coach


As we have discussed on the phone, I am very satisfied with your services. In fact, the easiest part of building my website was putting it online. Your patience and willingness to answer questions was fact, amazing. I wish my isp would just take a call when I need assistance! I honestly couldn't be more pleased, no hassles, no fine print, no hidden fees. You can certainly have my permission to print what you would like...I thing you all are operating a fine company that is very customer oriented.
Steve Lagree

Working with 1st host web was a professional experience that was quick and easy to set up. I especially like all of the extra cgi, java, and free store programs! Best of all, there is only the first initial fee, no monthly! I've worked with numerous hosting sites, and I am very happy with the service I gotten from 1st host web.

From all the way in Hawaii, Mahalo

Robert D. Reynolds

My name is Mark J. Reynoso, President of Reynoso Enterprises, Inc. in California.  We are a Computer Consulting Company and have been working with for almost a year now. We as a company have received excellent customer service, as well as prompt web hosting. We develop web sites for several companies, and we feel confident in Glenn and his staff at Their prices CAN'T be beat! We have shopped all around for better pricing, and is on top. When we place an order, they have our hosting up in just a few hours. Many companies have a moderate amount of downtime and has little to NO downtime!! Our staff at Reynoso Enterprises, Inc. highly recommends! Thanks again for your service.
Mark J. Reynoso, CEO
Reynoso Enterprises, Inc.

An EXCELLENT hosting co. Great for newbies starting their own websites. Also a great platform for veterans who know how to run several v-servers to act as one site (for load distribution). And the price is right too! Highly recommend 1sthostweb for youngsters and oldsters alike.

Carlos Garcia

Great hosting service, no pop-ups, quick customer service on questions, and the PRICE --- WOW !

Michelle Kissling

"Beyond cheap. After moving one site to this host, I had to move all of them! Service and support are top notch."

Michael Dhaseleer

Your service is almost unbelievable. It was the easiest setup I have ever done. I  am now  doing 3 different websites for friends. It works great with frontpage also. I will be calling on you in the future. 

Joe Chamberlain

This is all very new to me and I have just started out in the Web World. But so far so good. The host has a lot to offer and you definitely get value for money. I amazed to see what the capabilities are. Keep up the good work. I'm a very satisfied customer.

Miss Carol Genus
Executive Secretary from the St Elizabeth Parish Development Committee

Obtaining a web site from your company was as easy as 123. The hardest thing was deciding on the Web name. Every time I called the support was excellent and this was before I even purchased the site. It got even better after the purchase. NO banners no ads and I have not had any down time. The price is certainly does not reflect the true value obtained from the purchase for the web site from 1stHostWeb.
Many Thanks.
Clay Sherrow

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