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Hosting FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a new account?

It's easy to get started today. Proceed to our secure online order form to sign up for your new hosting account. You will soon receive an email notice stating your account is set up including detailed information regarding the use of your control panel and other web hosting services.

Domain Name Server Information?

You may either choose a new (free) domain during sign up or transfer an existing domain to our servers. Below is our DNS information. Please note we have many servers and this may not be the particular server you are assigned to.

Primary Name Server

Secondary Name Server

What Forms of Payment do we accept?

Payment with major credit cards can be made to 2CheckOut or payment may be made by major credit card and electronic checks through PayPal.

How much does additional space and bandwidth cost if I go over the limit?

Additional space costs $15 per month for an additional 10 MB. Additional bandwidth costs $15 per additional 500MB. Overages are determined and billed monthly.

Who is responsible for domain name creation/transfers?

If you need a new a domain name, .com, .net, .org, we will setup and modify this domain to point to our servers.

If you already have an existing domain name it is usually free and very easy to transfer the domain to our servers. If you need help with this, please email the support team after you have signed up and we will assist.

If I have you register a domain name for me, will I be listed as the technical contact, administrative contact and billing contact?

We are resellers for OnlineNic and we furnish a domain name control panel manager that allows YOU to set the administrative, technical and billing contact.

Do we host international domains?

Yes. We support all international domains, .info, .biz, .TV. and other domain types. However, we ask that you handle the international domain purchase and domain transfer process.

Are there any content restrictions?

We DO NOT host pornography, stolen software trading, adult oriented material, gambling, hate sites, MP3 sites.... anything distasteful, immoral, illegal, illicit, or of an adult-nature is NOT ALLOWED. Please read our terms of service agreement for further information.

What is bulk e-mail/spam policy?

We have strict policies against spamming and bulk e-mail. Users who spam via e-mail, newsgroups, etc. are not allowed on our web servers. If we receive complaints of spamming and bulk e-mail, your account will be terminated without warning and no refunds will be made. Please read our terms of service agreement for further information.

Can I have more than one domain pointed to my account?

Yes, this is called 'Domain Pointing', we charge a small fee for domain name pointed, but it is less expensive than hosting the extra domain on it's own.

Do "pointed domains" receive e-mail?

No, these simply redirect users to your main domain. Any mail sent to pointed domains is forwarded to a catchall e-mail account your main domain.

What types of hosting do we offer?

We host Linux (unix) based accounts. This includes , MySQL, PHP and many other services.

What type of support do we offer?

Experience has taught us that providing support via email is the most efficient form of help. Our support staff is averaging less than one hour response time.

Do we support Front Page or complex scripts ?

All of our servers are equipped with the latest FrontPage extensions and complete perl, and php structures . This means you may publish and take full advantage of the features FrontPage and most third party programs offer.

Why don't you charge monthly fees like other hosting companies?

We don't need to. Server and equipment prices have been falling for years. We pass these savings on to our clients and in return they send us even more clients. We would rather make a small profit on many clients.

Please remember to tell your friends about our service. If they are still making monthly payments you can save them some money and also keep your costs low for future websites you may start.

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