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How Our Support Team System Works

All customer support queries are routed through a Support Ticket System. Customers contact the support team via an email support ticket and are serviced by Tech Support only via the ticket system . This way, all replies are tracked, monitored and archived. We have found that by providing us all the necessary information in writing, our staff is able to more efficiently and quickly respond to your needs. Our tech support engineers are always at your service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days an year. We have no banker's hours; no auto-responders and no "closed for the holidays" door sign. You will always receive fast and friendly support. Our goal is for all customers get a human response within 1 hour of the query being received. This is not an automatic responder, but a support person who looks into the matter immediately. Almost all common issues are solved within 6 hours of receipt of your request for support.

Why Round the Clock Support?

Many people wonder why around the clock support is so essential in the hosting business. Hosting companies service clients all over the world. So while it is midnight in the United States, it is already working hours in Australia. This means our support team has to be up and responsive 24 hours a day, everyday.

At 1st Host Web

1st Host Web takes care to ensure our staff is not exhausted working overtime to keep up with customer expectations. Each member of the 1st Host Web Support team works for a maximum of 8 hours a day. There are 3 shifts per day, so that members remain bright and enthusiastic throughout working hours. Because of the rotating 8 hour system, customers are always greeted by happy and considerate staff and issues are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.










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